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Ultimate Fetish Party

PUSH: Durham's Ultimate Fetish Party returns on April 13th.


Remember, PUSH is not just a party, but rather it is the largest multipurpose kink/BDSM event in North Carolina. We open at noon with a vendors's fair, classes, and other events. We then have a kinky cocktail and mocktail party, a meet and greet, from 6:00-9:00 PM, followed by the ultimate fetish party itself:

Let out your wild side at Durham’s Ultimate Fetish Party. You want to play? We have open fetish and BDSM play for everybody who wants to play. You want to dance? We have three DJ stations and a large dance floor, along with several bars. You want to watch and take in the erotic vibe? We will happily oblige. We welcome hard-core fetish players and newbies alike—you will dance the night away, become a voyeur, and/or engage in an erotic journey of exploration. PUSH has always been a safe place to explore, play, build community, and make new friends. We invite you to take it to another level at this venue. Think about building the largest consensual kink community the Triangle has ever seen.

As always, we will have open play, lots of cages; lots of spaces to play—and so much electricity to shock you! Our puppy play room was so successful last time that we have decided to expand it, and make it a pet play room for (human) pets of all kinds....Will the puppies and kitties get along? Will the foxes attack? And what will the ponies do? Come find out!

Need a place to chill and cuddle up with somebody? We're building more chill lounges than ever before! And there are so many spaces to get cozy and get tied up. Bring your friends, bring your toys, and have an amazing time!

PUSH is a full FETISH artistic performance party with rope suspension, impact play, electricity, shibari and more!

You can play, you can watch, you can dance! And you can chill on the porch, relax in the many lounge areas, and have many intense experiences.

*Bring your toys.
*Bring your friends.
*Enthusiastic consent is sexy. Never touch anybody without permission, or you will not stay at PUSH. Consent for all things is mandatory.
*Be ready to play, dance, and/or watch. We have multiple play stations including crosses, benches, cages, and violet wands.
*Have fun.

18 and over to get in the door.

No admission in street or casual wear

Fetish Attire includes but is not limited to: latex, leather, rubber, pvc, rope, chain mail, drag, puppy, kilt, cosplay, steampunk, victorian, goth, uniform, burlesque, corset, formal, pin-up, burner beautiful, furries, bigs and littles, pony-girls, pony-boys and more . . . be kinky, be creative, be sexy! This is also a safe environment in which you can experiment with gender play. Cross dressing and drag are always welcome.

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