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Durham's Ultimate Fetish Party

In 2010, Petecock and Secretary Girl, two kinky folks connected with a group affectionately known as the Durham Mob, contacted people who had organized fetish/BDSM events in Raleigh, asking them to help organize an event in Durham. Their idea was to put on an event that had a sexy aesthetic and allowed people to engage in BDSM play, watch, socialize, and dance.

Soon they also got in touch with event organizers and longtime BDSM community members from throughout North Carolina and beyond, and PUSH was born!

Ever since that time, PUSH has grown with an ethos: to give people new to the scene and veterans alike a chance to explore their own boundaries and to play safely in a public space.

PUSH has grown over the years to the point where the event attracts over 500 people. We now have our events in the 14,000 square foot warehouse in downtown Durham, The Fruit. Come join us for some kinky fun!

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