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At PUSH, we do enforce a dress code. We do so not to be elitist or exclusive, but rather to set up an atmosphere that encourages erotic experimentation in your clothing as well as your actions. In other words, what you wear or do not wear is part of the fun and part of our experiment in building an alternative fetish/BDSM community.

For more information on the reasons for the dress, code, see the blog post, "The Aesthetics of Fetish." For ideas and images of fetish clothing, see the various blog posts on practical ideas for fetish clothing.



No admission in street or casual wear

Fetish Attire includes but is not limited to: latex, leather, rubber, pvc, rope, chain mail, drag, puppy, kilt, cosplay, steampunk, victorian, goth, uniform, burlesque, corset, formal, pin-up, burner beautiful, furries, bigs and littles, pony-girls, pony-boys and more . . . be kinky, be creative, be sexy! This is also a safe environment in which you can experiment with gender play. Cross dressing and drag are always welcome.

Sharp all black means a dress shirt and slacks or a black dress, with dress shoes (no sneakers).

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