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12:00 PM-7:00 PM

We are bringing you a variety of new vendors while also making sure that many of your favorites return! Please note that, in order to provide you with a larger dance floor and more play space at night, there will be no vending after 7:00 PM (with the exception of Savory Nibbles--we want you to have food--and Sir Taz's Boot Black--we figured that you will want your boots shined at night). See our vendor's page ( for a list of vendors.


1:00 PM-6:30 PM

Please note that most classes and other events will last 45-60 minutes.

1:00 (in the basement)

The Collar in BDSM, with Bryan and feather. Bryan has collared feather. What does this mean? This class will discuss the relationship between collaring, dominance, and submission in a BDSM life. Bryan and feather are two of the most experienced BDSM players in the PUSH family.

1:30  (in the ground floor dungeon)

Ties for the bedroom, with Tbone7812. In this incredibly popular class, Tbone gives you practical advice on rope bondage for your experiences in the bedroom. This will be a hands-on demonstration class, so if you so desire, bring your rope and your partner!

2:00  (in the basement)

What to Do When it All Goes Wrong - A Survival Guide for Emergencies in Kink and BDSM, with Captain Adam. Intense BDSM scenes can lend themselves to a number of potential emergencies, even when we do our best to practice safety.  This class covers key considerations and best practices for ensuring safe scenes and dealing with emergencies when they happen. Drawn from decades of experience, hundreds of emergencies and thousands of patients in a wide variety of unique venues, we’ll cover how to plan, prepare for, and manage any incidents that occur. Who we are and what we do has some inherent risks, and we must know what to do when it all goes wrong. “Captain Adam” is an EMS professional specializing in event medicine for underserved and at-risk groups. He has over 20 years of operational experience in a variety of contexts, as well as an equal amount of time in various “fringe” communities.

2:30  (in the ground floor dungeon)

Impact play, with Bryan and feather: Everybody seems to love the impact play demonstrations of Bryan and feather, two of the most experienced impact players in the PUSH family, with Bryan in particular engaging in impact play in public and private ever since the Raleigh scene of the 1990s. In this class, in addition to multiple demonstrations involving a variety of impact toys (and body parts), Bryan and feather will give everybody a refresher on how to safely negotiate impact play.

3:00  (in the basement)

Healing Trauma through Kink and BDSM, with Rebecca-Emma Kaplan (Pink). Rebecca-Emma Kaplan LMSW, aka Pink (all pronouns) is a Social Worker, psychotherapist, play party producer, program design and evaluation nerd, and a poly, kinky pervert. Pink's kink identity and professional identity collide as he works to support the needs kinky, sex-positive, consensually non-monogamous, LGBTQIA+, sex worker populations through her Social Work. Rebecca-Emma will brief us on what trauma is, outline some of kink’s potential for healing trauma, and offer tools for trauma-informed scene negotiation.

4:00  (in the basement)

Poly meet up, with Regina. Are you polyamorous? Or curious about polyamory? PUSH organizer Regina is convening a meet up for you. Bring your stories and desires as this will be a discussion group for you to meet other interested people. And there will be games!

4:30  (in the littles and pets area)

Drawing time for the littles. The littles area will open at 4:30 for drawing time! Coloring books will be available for a drawing session.

5:00  (in the ground floor dungeon)

Best in Show, with Selene, PUSH's own critter wrangler. This is the second annual Best in Show Competition. It is an inclusive show for all critters: pups, kitties, ponies, pigs, foxes, furries . . . animals of all kinds are welcome! You do not need to have a handler. You must sign up to enter, and sign-ups will take place between 1:00 and 4:30 PM at the venue. Spectators are welcome as well! The Best in Show categories include:

  • Prance and Present: The critter will give their very best “prance” across the arena to show off their character and style then stop for “presentation”. The critter will be judged based on their appearance and grooming, NOT their gear. Judges will inspect (without touching) visually to see if the critter has neat paws (they will need to hold a paw up for inspection when instructed) and if their attire looks to be well-fitted, orderly, and clean.

  • Pick your trick: Choose 2 tricks from the following or let us know the tricks you want to show off! Spin, fetch, play dead, stand on 2 feet, come/sit/stay, scent test, high five, roll over, fetch,

  • Agility Course: Designed for all types of critters with all types of abilities and body types! The agility course will consist of: Weave cones Hurdle Jump - Please practice jumping over something and not landing on your knees! Roll over Pause box Tunnel or weave poles Back to the front of the judges and show them your best pose!

5:30  (in the basement)

Fem Dom discussion group, with Felyne. The Fem Dom discussion group will focus on molding wayward submissive boys into well-rounded men. How do you go about accomplishing this? Bring your suggestions to engage in an active discussion. While the discussion will focus on Fem Doms, all are welcome to join.


6:30 PM-9:00 PM

Have you never been to PUSH before? Do you want to meet people in a less formal and crowded environment than the Ultimate Fetish Party? Come to the meet and greet with DJ 40oz from 6:30-9:00 PM (remember that doors will be closed between 8:30 and 9:00).

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