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Schedule of Daytime Events for November 11th


The ever popular PUSH vendor's fair will be taking place from noon to 7PM. Check out our vending page for information on each of the vendors.


1:00 PM

PUSH classes begin at 1:00 PM with an important new class that many have requested at previous events. “Negotiating Scenes: A Meet and Greet Experience,” will be taught by two of the PUSH organizers, Selene and Petecock. The two organizers will discuss some of the finer points of negotiating all kinds of BDSM scenes at PUSH and other places. They will focus on what to discuss and what to watch out for. After the discussion, they will allow those who are interested to engage in a “speed dating” type of experience, where you will be paired off to begin a brief scene discussion, after which each individual will move on to another, and then another, and so on. By engaging in such a quick discussion, our hope is that most people will find somebody with whom they are interested in doing a scene later that evening (after more discussion about the scene). Of course, there will be no pressure on anybody to do any type of scene. Rather, the idea is to begin to develop the skills involved in scene negotiation.


1:30 PM

Next in our series of PUSH classes at 1:30 PM on November 11th is “Wax Play,” with Wicked Llama (they will also be vending). Wicked Lllama will provide you with many demonstrations of wax play, as well as a discussion of different types of wax to use, along with some important safety information. It’s going to be a hot performance and class (yes, pun intended…and a bad one at that, but I couldn’t resist).


2:00 PM

Everybody seems to love the impact play demonstrations of Bryan and feather, who will teach a class on impact at 2:00 PM on November 11th at PUSH. Bryan and feather are two of the most experienced impact players in the PUSH family, with Bryan in particular engaging in impact play in public and private ever since the Raleigh scene of the 1990s. In this class, in addition to multiple demonstrations involving a variety of impact toys (and body parts), Bryan and feather will give everybody a refresher on how to safely negotiate impact play.


3:00 PM

Getting shocked by the violet wand is among the most popular things to do at PUSH. CaptPizzle, always so busy shocking everybody, has graciously agreed to teach a class on electric play at 3:00 PM on November 11th. Our hope is that people will become so intrigued that they will learn how to operate the violet wand safely and effectively and that we can then add those people to our list of safe violet wand operators at PUSH. It is an amazing experience to be able to pulsate electricity through somebody’s body. It is also one that carries a certain amount of risk, so we need to make sure that those who wield the violet wand are well trained. The PUSH class is a great place to start that training.


3:30 PM

Consent is in many ways the defining principle of BDSM practitioners. Yet, all of us who have engaged in BDSM have participated in consensual scenes that ended poorly for those involved. BDSM also allows people to imagine new pleasures, ones that they did not previously consider. “Consent is Not Enough,” is a new class which will take place at 3:30 PM on November 11th. It is the brainchild of Petecock, PUSH co-founder and Duke Professor of the history of sexuality. In this class, we wish to engage in a discussion of how we can improve BDSM practices by considering the question of whether consent is a sufficient framework for our kinks. What happens when consensual scenes go poorly? What does it mean we think we have enthusiastic consent, but we are incorrect? How do we negotiate scenes when we want our boundaries challenged, but we don’t know exactly how that challenge should take place? We will explore themes such as edge play, “limit consent,” and other practices that push boundaries in positive ways, along with practices that seem consensual but actually push past boundaries in a manner that becomes harmful. Be sure to come to class with your stories of scenes that have challenged your boundaries, whether those scenes have ended well or poorly.


4:00 PM

PUSH has a new and very exciting daytime event taking place at 4:00 on November 11th. “Drag queen and king story circle,” with Stormie Daie and Dustin Reams, is for littles and all others. Responding to current controversies, PUSH will promote the importance of drag performers reading our favorite children’s stories. We hope that it will be entertaining and fun for everybody, and perhaps cathartic to let out your inner child! This is the first part of a series of events at the upcoming PUSH to make sure that littles have a place to play. At 5:30 PM, we will also be hosting drawing times for the littles, in which the littles area will have coloring books available for a drawing session. In addition to these events, we will have more items available for littles to play with in the littles area, and we have added a vendor, Babykins Boutique, that specializes in items for littles.


4:30 PM

Many people come to PUSH curious about what it means to be in a dominant and submissive relationship that goes beyond the scene, extending out into their entire lives. Some don’t understand why one would engage in such a relationship, but others believe it is ideal. Bryan and feather have been involved in a 24/7 dominant/submissive relationship for many years, and they will discuss the reasons for engaging in such a relationship as well as its benefits and drawbacks.


5:00 PM

Closing out our classes at 5:00 PM, is the ever-popular Tbone7812, returning with the class, “Ties for the Bedroom.” Tbone gives you practical advice on rope bondage for your experiences in the bedroom. This will be a hands on demo class, so if you so desire, bring your rope!


5:30 PM

We will provide the crayons and the coloring books. You provide the desire to draw. Come meet us in the littles area for some drawing time.


Gemynii, one of the most popular DJs in North Carolina, will be spinning tunes for us. Come to dance, to socialize, to get yourself ready for the ultimate fetish party to come.

6:00 PM-9:00 PM

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