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A Story of Desire

These PUSH lovers came together with burning desire for each other, burning desire for punishment.

She wanted to punish him because he had burned the dinner.

He wanted to punish her for her indiscretions.

The dungeon gave them ideas. Soon they couldn't control themselves.

He steadied himself . He would punish her so much that she would never forget. She was ready to react, to resist, to feel the pain. Or so he thought.

What happened now? She twitched a bit and suddenly she had the flogger and he was on the cross. He didn't understand. How did she do this? What kind of strange magic did she have?

He would experience pain. He promised to never burn the dinner again, to give her the best gourmet food that she could ever desire.

She was so happy with her conquest. She decided it was time to take a bite, a bite of love, a bit of his ass, along with some leather. And she knew that she could now let him have a taste of his own.

She twitched again and now he found himself behind her. He liked her special magic powers! Now he too would take his bite of love as she moaned with delight.

The tale would continue, filling them both with such excitement for what would come next. Only time would tell what that would be. But we in the PUSH family know what happens next as the two retreat to their private room nearby.

Come see these kinky lovers fulfilling their desires at PUSH on April 15th:

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