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Practical Ideas for Fetish Clothing: Feminine of Center

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

As we noted in a prior blog, we believe that a fetish dress code is important to develop an aesthetic in which people who like to express themselves in what is often seen as "freaky" outfits feel comfortable and supported. In this manner, individuals get to challenge their everyday ways of being and get to express themselves in ways that will enhance their own pleasures and allow them to form larger community with those who also like to engage in fetish and BDSM play.

In this post, we present you with some images of individuals deemed "feminine of center" in their fetish outfits (recognizing that the "feminine" is a somewhat arbitrary category here). Some of these are extremely expensive, but many are for people on a budget. In several cases, you probably already have these clothes in your closet.

Feminine can signify dommes...

...or subs

Or perhaps a switch?

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